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The Duchy of Feann has a pretty relaxed view on farming. The vast majority of the power relating to farming will be devolved to the Mayors and Barons who will ensure that the town is well supplied with food and other essential resources. Any surplus that is left over the farmer will be able to resell on the local market to citizens who want more of certain produce.

This system should work on the local level but if there is an issue where one part of the Duchy has a poor harvest and another part of the Duchy has excess food then the Duke will get involved and ensure that food and other resources are sent to parts of the Duchy that are lacking those items. Farmers, will of course, be paid for their produce but it is essential that all parts of the Duchy receive the items that they need.

Required Resources

In order to ensure the smooth running of the Duchy there will be some resources that are put on a special list. These goods are deemed to be priority goods and the Duke will speak to his Counts in order to get them to pass on information to their Mayors and Barons about the amount of these priority goods are required by the Duchy as a whole.

Due to the fact that Chronicles of Elyria is currently in development it is impossible to say what produce will be needed as a priority but it is obvious that food and wood are going to be extremely important.

Another point that needs to be made is that, in the case of wood, it is extremely important not to cut down too many trees. If that happens it could threaten the wood supply for the whole Duchy so an experienced coppicer will be required in most areas to make sure there is a stable and dependable supply of wood. When it comes to food this will most likely be determined by the population of the Duchy and whether the population is densely packed in towns or whether there are a lot of people living in the wilderness.

Transport of Resources

The transportation of resources is also likely to be handled at a Duchy level as it not only includes the transportation of resources within the Duchy but also the importing of resources from other Duchies within a Kingdom and possible even outside of the Kingdom. At this stage it is too early to have any specific policies but if you have any questions then please ask them in our Discord server.

For more information on transport please see our trade page.

Selling of Farmed Resources

All resources not needed elsewhere that are produced by farmers will be sold on the local market by the farmers. Profit from such sales will be kept by the farmers although there maybe some sort of tax levied on these transactions.