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This page will outline the how the leadership of the Duchy of Feann works.

Goals of the Leadership

The primary goal of the leadership of Feann is to ensure that the members of Feann are able to achieve their goals in Chronicles of Elyria. In order to do that the leadership will listen to any problems that members of Feann face and will attempt to solve any problems. This might mean economic intervention or trying to ensure that members have access to certain resources in order to make items that they wish to make.

Having said that it is not always possible to help everyone as often one policy helps one group of players but harms another group of players. In such a situation members will be informed of the reasoning behind that decision in order to ensure that they at least understand why a certain policy was implemented.

Contacting the Leadership

The leadership is always open to members contacting them. This is likely to be handled outside of the game using either Discord (for text chat) or Teamspeak 3 (for voice chat) since communication within the game is likely to take a long time and people will want a quick answer to their questions.

Although the leadership listens to what the members have to say, that does not mean that they will do everything that the members want. Unfortunately due to the nature of the game the leadership may have knowledge of things that the membership does not and unfortunately the membership can not always pass on all the details behind their decisions.

When the time is right the leadership will attempt to explain what happened, either in Discord, Teampeak 3 or on our blog. As such it is essential you keep up to date with all sources of information from the Duchy.