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It is very important that the members of Feann are able to express their thoughts and feelings to the leadership team. Because of this, here is some information that should help all members of Feann to express their thoughts and desires.

  • The #member-chat channel of the Feann Discord server is the best place to post your thoughts and ideas. It is watched at all times. You might not get a response immediately depending on the time that you posted it but it will be read soon.
  • If you have anything private to say then you can always send a message to Cromulent the Duke of Feann who will be happy to discuss anything with you in private.
  • When the game gets nearer to release I imagine the use of the Feann Teamspeak 3 will increase and you can talk to the leadership there as well.
  • Discussion is always encouraged. You should make your thoughts and ideas known to the leadership as that is important. Not all ideas will be followed by we will listen to them all and are more than happy to discuss them with you.


The Feann leadership will keep you up to date on everything that is going on behind the scenes. Either once a fortnight or, if nothing much is going on, once a month. This update will be posted in the #members-chat channel of the Feann Discord server.