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The Duchy of Feann is very keen on research and development. Research and development includes things such as alchemy, weapons and armour, construction techniques, shipbuilding and other areas that require citizens to discover how to achieve something.

We are well aware of the fact that such discoveries can make the difference between success and failure and that keeping a group of citizens working on new technology will only help the Duchy in the long run. At this moment in time, it is hard to say how much in the way of resources will be dedicated to research and development as it will depend on not only the game mechanics involved but also will depend on things such as Kingdom goals and how much sharing of knowledge will occur between the Duchies in a Kingdom.

The goals of the Duchy are simple though. To enable our citizens to prosper and one of the ways of ensuring this is to make sure that the technology available to them gives them the best chance of success. If the Duchy is ahead of its rivals in a technological sense, then the Duchy has a massive advantage over other player run organisations. Furthermore having advanced technology at our disposal would lead to a reliable source of income should we wish to sell our secrets.

Selling the results of Research and Development

While the duchy is more than happy to fund research and development carried out by its citizens for the benefit of all to recoup the costs associated with such funding the results of research and development may be sold by the duchy to help pay for the financing. An example would be if the duchy funded research into a new type of ship. The duchy would keep the knowledge on how to build the ship secret but would sell pre-made vessels to other duchies and kingdoms. The citizens who were involved in researching the technology would get a share of the sale price.