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Duchy of Feann

The Duchy of Feann is based on the Selene (EU) server in the upcoming MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria.

We are a tight knit community based on friendship and mutual respect with big plans for the future. We are currently an unaffiliated Duchy which means that we do not belong to a specific kingdom on the Selene (EU) server. Having said that we are well aware of the fact that we will need to join a kingdom during land / domain selection. We will not make a decision on what kingdom to join without consulting the membership of Feann first.

Feann is built around the community that resides within the Duchies borders and because of that it is extremely important to the leadership to make sure that the community is well looked after. If at all possible important decisions will be discussed with the membership with the understanding that at some point a decision has to be made. Thus a period of discussion will take place and then at the end of a set period of time if no consensus has been reached the Duke will make the ultimate decision with the best intentions for Feann and its membership.

Further information about Feann and its various organisations will be added to this wiki over a period of time. Please keep checking back to see if there is any updated information.





Research and Technology















I have compiled some information for all members of Feann on the page below. Please read it and comment in member chat on Discord.



The Duchy of Feann also has a blog where we will post information about the happenings within the Duchy. You can find details below:


Discord Server

You can find information about the Duchy of Feann Discord server here:


Teamspeak 3 Server

You can find information about the Duchy of Feann Teamspeak 3 server here:

Teamspeak 3

Other Organisations, Guilds or Political Entities on the Selene (EU) Server

These organisations may not be affiliated with the Duchy of Feann in any way but are provided here as a reference to players on the Selene (EU) server.

To be completed

Chronicles of Elyria

We hope to provide some useful information about the game Chronicles of Elyria on this wiki as well as specific information relating to the Duchy of Feann as a reference resource for our members as well as being a useful resource for other players of Chronicles. Please bear in mind that the information provided here might only relate to the Selene (EU) server. In such cases we will try to point this out to avoid confusion.

This information is currently not available and it will be added in due course. Please pay attention to this wiki to see the latest information.